Access 24



With Access 24, Pioneer Community Bank's 24-Hour Banking Service, your account information is at your fingertips.


This convenient, automated phone system enables you to bank 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling our toll-free access number 1-866-927-8494


By dialing this number on your touch-tone telephone, you may then quickly and easily access your account information, make transfers and pay loan payments.


Before dialing have your Access 24 Account Number(s) and your Personal Identification Number handy. Your Access 24 Account Number is any of your existing account numbers - preferably your checking account number.

(To get your PIN visit any of our three convenient locations) For added security, you may wish to change this the first time you access your account.


Listen carefully to the instructions and enjoy anywhere banking.


  • Features available include:
    • Account Inquiry
    • Current Balance
    • Most Recent Transactions
    • To see if a specific check has cleared
    • Interest
    • Fax Statement


  • Funds Transfer
    • From Checking to Checking
    • From Savings to Checking
    • From Checking to Savings
    • From Savings to Savings
  • Loan
    • Payment Information
    • Interest information


  • Branch Hours
  • Current Events
  • Change Personal Identification Number


By calling this number and entering a valid PIN number you are accepting the terms of service.


Here is a handy guide to Access 24, The Pioneer Community Bank 24 Hour Telephone Banking Service:


  • Main Menu

    • 1 - Account Information
    • 5 - Miscellaneous Information
    • 9 - End Call


  • Account Information Menu

    • 1 - DDA
    • 2 - SAV
    • 3 - COD
    • 4 - LOAN
    • 9 - Return to Account Information Menu


  • Miscellaneous Information Menu

    • 1 Locations
    • 9 Main Menu
Contact Us


For questions concerning Online Banking please call us at 1-304-938-5322 from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday.


5229 Coal Heritage Road, Iaeger, WV 24844-0368

Phone: (304) 938-5322


Using Pioneer Community Bank’s

Online Banking is easy with no special software required.

By using Online Banking you can:

  • Access your information anywhere
  • Transfer funds
  • Make loan payments
  • Print account statements
  • Best of all “IT’S FREE

Online Banking Login:


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